Hydrophobicity: Problem & Solution

The Problem

Water repellency (hydrophobicity) in soils is caused by many factors. The formation of thin organic coatings around soil particles resulting from decomposing plant material, microbial activity, and fungal deposits contribute heavily to the development of these water repellent layers. Additionally, organic matter such as thatch and plant tissue can also become water repellent when moisture levels get too low resulting in uneven water movement in the soil profile.

Dry and water repellent pockets and layers often develop due to the effects of channeling and preferential flow directing water away from these hydrophobic areas. Dry pockets then often develop below the soil surface resulting in localized dry spots and contributing to turf stress and resultant non-uniform turf grass quality.


The Solution

TriCure chemistries are a unique formulation that addresses all elements of soil water management. The product forms a thin coating around the hydrophobic surfaces of sand, soil and plant tissue, drawing water to the particles in a thin, surrounding film while promoting rapid drainage of excess water by reducing the surface tension. The result of use of this multi-function product results in reducing preferential water flow, channeling, and excess water retention while providing optimum moisture to the root-zone as needed for maintaining healthy turf.

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