Pond Pucks are a natural, biological water treatment formulated to clarify water in ponds, lakes, and small water features while reducing muck buildup. A biodiverse group of beneficial bacteria are incorporated into the pucks to remove excess nutrients from the water column such as phosphates, nitrates and ammonia that can create an unbalanced ecosystem. Ponds containing excess nutrients are often cloudy, unhealthy and susceptible to algal blooms.

Each Pond Puck contains diverse biological elements that work effectively in different water quality conditions, including facultative strains to work in low-oxygen environments.

Product Benefits
  • Remove excess nutrients (i.e. PO4-, NO3- and NH4+) from the water column
  • Easy to distribute by tossing quick-sinking pucks into a pond
  • Diverse spectrum of microbes able to treat diverse water quality conditions (including facultative and phosphate-removing strains)
  • Reduce BOD, COD and foul odors – including H2S
  • Reduce muck buildup by biodegrading hydrocarbons, lignin and organic pollutants
  • Flexible application rates unlike water-soluble bags