ProactinEX provides a cost-effective method for treating turf with a highly concentrated blend of nitrogen in the form of select L-form amino acids, B-complex vitamins, antioxidants, etc. in a patented biostimulant formulation (Express Technology) that provides for ready uptake.

At a 40% active ingredient concentration and a low application cost, turf managers can now afford to treat all of their turf while customizing their nutritional programs with a highly effective product.

Product Benefits
  • Contains a 40% concentration of active ingredients, including over 30% of select amino acids
  • Supplies nitrogen in the form of protein hydrolysates (i.e. amino acids) allowing ready foliar or root uptake by plants without draining energy from the plant.
  • Helps turf better maintain its physiological functions like photosynthesis and enzyme-based metabolic activity.
  • Allows for the customization of turf nutritional programs
  • Low cost-per-acre, creating an affordable method of treating large turf areas, even on a limited maintenance budget
  • Can be applied via spray equipment or injection into irrigation systems
  • Amino acids can act as natural chelating agents for cationic plant nutrients