Terafirm is a non-phytotoxic soil penetrant developed to promote accelerated water movement away from the soil surface. This is accomplished by reducing the water’s surface tension and facilitating downward water movement.

Although no chemical penetrant can in itself alter the physical properties of soil that determine drainage rates, Terafirm will help get the water out as quickly as the soil physical properties allow.  Formulated solely to facilitate downward water movement, Terafirm will not contribute to excess water holding.

Regular use of Terafirm offers the turf professional an effective tool to help maintain drier soil surface conditions.

Product Benefits
  • Reduces the surface tension of water
  • Facilitates faster soil dry-down, allowing faster access to play, carts, and equipment
  • Promotes downward water movement, away from the soil surface
  • Reduces puddling
  • Helps to prevent anaerobic soil conditions