TriCure Granular is formulated to provide a convenient and effective method for the treatment and prevention of hydrophobic conditions in soils. Easy to apply by hand or with spreaders, TriCure Granular is convenient for use on slopes, bunker edges, greens, approaches, and spot treatments on problem areas such as localized dry spots.

Product Benefits

Easy application, no residual

TriCure Granular is easy to spread on bunker edges, slopes, or anywhere getting a spray rig is difficult. Containing the same active ingredient as in liquid TriCure AD, use of TriCure Granular is an effective alternative to spraying.

Uses DG Lite as the inert carrier

TriCure Granular utilizes DG-Lite dispersible granular as a carrier to quickly release the chemistry with no residual left after normal irrigation.

Eliminates Localized Dry Spots

The active ingredient in TriCure Granular provides effective treatment for both the prevention and cure of localized dry spots. In addition to slopes and bunker edges, TriCure Granular can also be effectively used on greens or any hot spots requiring fast application of TriCure AD chemistry.

Improved infiltration and water penetration

As with any application of TriCure AD, areas treated will show improved water infiltration enabling better protection and recovery from localized dry spots. Research at the University of Georgia showed the TriCure AD chemistry to increase water infiltration and soil dry-down characteristics.

Uniform distribution of water to the rootzone

Most soil surfactants fall into the classification of either horizontal wetters (HW) or penetrants. HW are designed to hold water at or near the surface of a root zone; in principle, making more water available to the plant roots. Penetrants, typically containing nonylphenol ethoxilates or alcohol, tend to move the chemistry and the water downward to lower soil levels. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but optimally, water should be both retained in and move throughout the full root zone depths. TriCure is designed to move both vertically and horizontally to achieve optimum distribution and retention at all soil depths.

Reduces labor cost associated with hand watering

Hand watering expenses resulting from the development of hydrophobic areas can be reduced by the application of TriCure Granular.


TriCure Granular does not contain any of the commonly used active ingredients that are associated with burning or phytotoxicity. TriCure Granular can be applied in the morning and safely watered-in in the evening without risk of burning.